Campaign Office Opening This Tuesday

I’m thrilled to announce that we’re about to make history by opening Toronto Centre’s first ever Green Party campaign office. I hope you can join us:

Tuesday, January 29th 2008
7pm onward
538 Parliament Street, between Carlton and Wellesley (map)
Facebook event is here.

A bunch of us (Jordy, Jess, Jeff, Jason, and Shaun…jeez, what is it with this campaign and people whose names start with J?) were in there last night getting it ready. The previous tenant left it in poor shape, so we’ve painted, put in a new floor, and added some insulation for heat loss.

It would be great to see all of you in person, again or for the first time! (Dot, even you’re invited, though I recognize that the trip from Calgary may be too much.)

4 thoughts on “Campaign Office Opening This Tuesday

  1. Well, thanks for the personal invite Chris. I wish you well. I think you could be a very good candidate (provided you learn from constructive criticism).

    Btw, I think I know parts of your riding, as I recently lived in T.O. (St Pauls) Do you know the Starbucks at Yonge and King, on your western boundary? Had you stopped in there a few years ago, you would have seen me meeting with the ED of a significant western based NGO talking about the oilsands. That would have been well before many of your readers had even known of their existence, let alone the myriad of issues surrounding them.

    Concidently, if you pick up today’s G&M you will note the prominence of the story on its front page.

    This is the first of an eight day series on the development that will touch on many issues. I’m sure you and many others will read it and learn more (btw I knew of this series some time ago – I won’t say how).


  2. Congratulations Chris! This is very exciting news for Toronto Centre Greens.

    Will you be posting a list of house,er, campaign warming gifts the office might require during the coming weeks.


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