New Year’s Resolutions For Canada

Last year I wrote a list of ten things you can do as an individual to reduce the negative impact you have on the Earth (focusing on some less well-known or obvious ideas, instead of the usual “drive less, replace your light bulbs” kind of stuff that I assume most people already know).

There is, however, an ongoing debate about individual versus collective action. In other words, how much of a difference can we as individuals really make, and how much change must come from government and business.

Obviously action at all levels is critical, and the individual changes we make to our lives do make a difference. That being said, I believe there is an increasing need for strong leadership at the government level. During the last campaign I was asked by a young boy why we need “politics.” I answered that government, at its best, allows us to do things together that we would otherwise be unable to do. Big things. Things that are larger than you or me, but not larger than the two or more of us combined. The challenges we face are large, and require this level of cooperation.

This year, since we’re in a by-election campaign, I suggest you use your vote on March 17th to help achieve your grander New Year’s resolutions. Here are some ideas for resolutions for Canada:

  1. Exercise more of a positive influence on the international stage. Rebuild our reputation as a global leader, instead of a global saboteur.
  2. Enjoy life more by making sure we measure genuine progress.
  3. Quit drinking 4 barrels of water for ever 1 barrel of oil extracted from the tar sands.
  4. Quit smoking whatever it is the Conservatives are smoking that makes them believe the obviously false idea that action on the environment can’t also be positive for the economy.
  5. Lose weight at the federal level, and transfer more resources and authority to cities and communities.

Any other good ones I missed?

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions For Canada

  1. i like the way they’re phrased, Chris.

    um, maybe they should “stop deceiving” Canadians on: accountability measures, climate change action, proven solutions to crime: social programs, a real long-term solution to child care, assistance to the significant infrastructure deficit, true tax cuts, real help to aboriginals etc.

    “stop the partisanship and abuse” on the Opposition Leaders’ English and leadership skills, (in a real work environment, that would be considered illegal), on calling municipalities “whining” when over 80% of Canadians live in them, on calling the opposition “soft on crime” “soft on terror” etc. when anyone dares to question Afghanistan or their crime bill etc.

    “don’t be a hypocrite” … on every single portfolio

    etc. etc.
    its 2008, they should attempt to do the turn a new leaf thing

  2. Don’t buy anything made in China, or from across the Pacific – buy as locally as possible. In your 2007 list of resolutions you talk about local food, but we need to talk about local everything – furniture, clothes etc. Plus, in 2008 you will be supporting the Genocide Olympics by buying made in China, supporting/rewarding China’s role in Sudan.

  3. buying local also gives North Americans a clearer idea of their true GHG emissions, I mean – if we cut (lets believe we will) our GHG emissions by ex. 30% nationally, it is a false achievement when we’re still importing a SIGNIFICANT amount of our goods, food etc. from LDRs like India & China, all we’ve done is exported our responsbility…

    as much as harper likes to favour “market-driven” solutions to everything, reality is that no country in the world has a true market system, if we did – we would internalize all our waste and pollution…

    the biggest landfill in the U.S. has over 50 yrs worth of garbage from NY (*shudder)

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