8 thoughts on “It’s Go Time

  1. Does this mean that political contributions – for the by-election – can be made both in 2007 and 2008? That was the case during the last vote, as I recall, a mere stroke of luck for the parties I am sure :-)

  2. Hazaah! Gee – couldn’t have picked a better day than St. Paddy’s; it will be a very Green evening. Could make booking a bar for the victory party a bit of a pinch though. :)

    This is a Liberal-Green race, and a winnable one at that. Whenever someone asks me if the Greens are a Centrist party, I reply, “Absolutely – we’re going to take Toronto Centre, Central Nova, Vancouver Centre, Kitchener Centre…”

  3. Yes, Kenn, by ‘wrapping’ the by-election around the year-end, you can now contribute your annual maximum in both 2007 (by Dec 31) and 2008. Keep in mind, of course, that your limit is $1100 per year to the local level, which includes ALL contributions to EDAs and candidates of a given party, and that whatever you give early in ’08 will count against a potential later ’08 election. Unlike the provincial rules, federal elections don’t trigger any extra contribution room.

  4. If I’m not mistaken, you can actually give personal contributions up to $10 000 to running candidates, thanks to the Conservatives’ glorious(ly inadequate) accountability act, according to Democracy Watch. I’ll just sell the ol’ car…

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