Those Status Quo Folks Are Hilarious

“No MMP” just put out the following in a press release:

While the No MMP campaign’s organizers agree that they have more public support leading up to October 10th vote, they are also aware of the fact that more support does not necessarily translate into more votes. They point to past elections where political parties with fewer members won surprise victories over larger parties.

Wait, WHAT? Got a problem with the results of past elections, huh? Not sure they accurately reflect voter intention? Interesting point. Perhaps we should strike some kind of Citizens’ Assembly to explore the issue and report back with recommendations.

They go on to complain that “many voters are either apathetic or confused about the upcoming referendum on October 10th.” Yeah, um, do you think that might have something to do with the fact that you guys blocked the distribution of materials from the Citizens’ Assembly explaining what they’re proposing and why? Think it might have something to do with the mass-circulation of anonymous emails that paint MMP as a mysterious government-driven plot? Just maybe?

4 thoughts on “Those Status Quo Folks Are Hilarious

  1. What I’ve always found funny about the Referendum is that even though we still use FPTP, the Referendum won’t be FPTP. I mean, obviously the Referendum question is too important to leave up to a system as flawed as FPTP right? We can’t have important decisions being made based on the simple fact that one side gets more votes than the other. That wouldn’t be democratic. So, even in an A or B scenario, where one side is pretty much guaranteed to get a majority of support, that’s just not good enough.

    I actually applaud the powers that be in recognizing that this is too important a decision to be left up to a simple vote using FPTP. One has to love the irony though!

  2. Whooee! I get 2 daily papers – the Brantford Suppositor and the Simcoe Defamer. The letters to ed have been about 5 to 1 against MMP. The anti-mmp letters generally have misrepresentations or mistaken notions about mmp. SES sez we’re gonna lose this one an’ I don’t doubt it. MMP is an unknown to most folks an’ when its a choice between a centuries old known an’ a confuddlin’ unknown, they’ll vote fer the status quo. I’ll be surprised if we get as much suppport as the STV referendum got out in BC. I think they got 57%+ but they needed 60% just like here.

    I reckon there won’t be any electoral reform in my lifetime. Maybe my grandson’ll get some sorta PR if the dang earth don’t melt before the little feller’s old enough to vote.

    I hear Lizzie May’s doin’ well on the new hip, btw. I figger she’ll be fit fer stumpin’ in December. You, too.


  3. Lord Kitchener,

    Actually, the referendum WILL be decided by FPTP, it’s just that the ‘post’ will be moved farther down the track (60%)… and in a binary decision (2-party, yes/no, etc.), FPTP actually works fine.

  4. Where can I find this press release? Do you have a link?

    Hi Jason. It arrived in my inbox from the “NO MMP” mailing list. If it’s not on their website I’m not sure where else it would be.

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