Green Party A Hit, Green Candidate Hit By Car

I was away for the weekend without much access to the internet, and it’s taken me until now to clear out the 1000+ emails and unread blog posts I accumulated. Now I feel like there’s so much backlogged information to talk about I don’t even know where to start, so I’m going to just get it all out of my system in one go. But read on, it’s good stuff.

1. Toronto Centre Green Party of Ontario candidate Mike McLean was hit by a car. He’s OK, but I had to fill in for him at a debate. No word yet on whether it was a targeted assassination attempt or not. My guess? The car itself recognized Mike as a Green candidate and was asserting its instinct of self preservation.

2. After one week of campaigning, Thomas Walkom writes in The Toronto Star that “if I had to pick a winner for the week, it would be Frank de Jong’s Greens.”

3. Also in The Star, Ian Urquhart says that The Greens have hit a nerve, and provides a good outline of what we stand for and why voters are finding our platform so attractive (we’re currently the only party with any momentum in the polls).

4. Yesterday, Metro Morning had a good debate regarding the three options for dealing with faith-based school funding: a. keep the status quo (fund only the Catholics), b. fund all religions (Tory’s plan), or c. fund no religions, creating one public school system. Unfortunately, they failed to mention that there is a political party (the Greens) who support that third option, so the majority of Ontarians who agree with us are on their own to figure out there’s a party they can vote for.

5. Which, by the way, is a really important reason Frank de Jong should have been included in tomorrow night’s leaders’ debate. Without him there, important issues will not be raised.

6. So, since we weren’t invited to the leaders’ debate, we’re throwing our own. And, unlike the official leaders’ debates, everyone’s invited. It takes place tomorrow (Thursday) evening starting at 6pm at the Pantages Hotel. We’re going to reenact the debate live, with Frank adding his own responses. I’ll be playing the part of Dalton McGuinty. (Yes, seriously.) You can watch it live on

7. In strange and slightly hilarious news, Eye Weekly has used my photo in a story that doesn’t actually mention me. WHAT?

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