Now With Dissent!

A few days ago I was welcomed as an affiliate of Progressive Bloggers, “an alliance of Canadian political blogs aimed to express and promote progressive ideas.” It’s cool to be part of this group, as I already read a few other Progressive Bloggers regularly, including A BCer in Toronto, Cameron Wigmore, Cerberus, Cherniak on Politics, DevonRowcliffe, Section 15, and some others.

This will mean some increased traffic to this site. It will also mean that many more non-Green-Party-partisans will be reading and commenting on this blog. (You may have already noticed an increase in comments over the last few days.) I’m thrilled about that for reasons that are hopefully self evident, but just wanted to give all you regular readers a heads-up in case you were wondering why people suddenly started disagreeing with me in record numbers.

5 thoughts on “ Now With Dissent!

  1. Wait wait wait….I have to use the correct words now? I suppose next you’re going to be telling me I need to spell them right too!

    Let’s hope I didn’t actually mean “descent.”

  2. Whooee! Welcome to the Pergressive Boogers, Chris.

    When I seen yer URL, I wondered about Christ In Dal. I sorta figgered you might be Jesus at Dalhousie U. I was happy as Larry to find out yer a treehuggin’ Greenie an’ a friend of the gal I adore, Earth Mother Lizzie May.

    Yeah, watch yer spellin’. These so-called pergressives is sticklers fer good grammar an’ spellin’. Some of ’em is apostrophobic, too.


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