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Elizabeth May has written two things recently that might interest you, and that you probably wouldn’t stumble upon otherwise.

First, her article in the May issue of Policy Options Magazine titled The Saga of Bill C-30: From Clean Air to Climate Change, Or Not is a very interesting explanation of how our laws get made, or, well, not. “It is a saga,” writes Elizabeth, “a story of love and betrayal; of heroics and scandal; of a fight to the death for the future of the planet. It is at least the story of an overwrought and oversold piece of legislation called Bill C-30, The Clean Air Act.”

Second, in all of Sun Media’s papers today (Toronto Sun, Calgary Sun, London Free Press, etc.) Elizabeth squares-off on carbon taxes in a piece called Carbon conundrum. Her case is very compelling and well-argued.

Economists and experts agree that a carbon tax is the single most effective way to deliver a consistent signal to the economy. Among those who support a carbon tax are Don Drummond, chief economist at TD Bank, who explained, “Pollution must have a price tag. Currently it is too cheap to pollute, and too expensive not to.”

Her opponent, Tom Harris, spends his time denying the severity (or existence?) of climate change while making all sorts of claims he never backs up. Site commenters fail to distinguish between the Green Party, the government of Canada, and “think tanks,” while succeeding in missing the point entirely. Good for a laugh, bad for blood pressure.

Hopefully that will tide you over while you wait for her next (and sixth) book, Global Warming For Dummies, due out later this year or early next. Yes, seriously.

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