Chris Tindal vs. Talk Radio

Here it is folks. For the record, my first appearance as a commercial radio panelist, broadcast live this morning on AM640 in Toronto.

Chris Tindal on John Oakley Part 1 We talk about dog parks, dogs in general, and what they may or may not have to do with Muslims. I stay out of it as much as possible.

Chris Tindal on John Oakley Part 2 We talk about carbon taxes, and what they may or may not have to do with Paris Hilton.

Interestingly enough, everyone on the panel (plus I think John Oakley himself) liked the idea of a carbon tax in principal, but we did get into a discussion around the details. Since the Green Party is the only party advocating for a carbon tax at all, I take that as a good sign.


One thought on “Chris Tindal vs. Talk Radio

  1. nice radio voice, chris! i was a bit confused about the other panelist’s argument (the one who also said that the $.12/litre carbon tax on gas was a good start) about collecting receipts… people who use cars to conduct their business already collect receipts and claim their gas costs for tax purposes. if you don’t use your car to conduct your business, you don’t write the gas costs off. if you do, you do. the mechanism is already in place.

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