Video of Climate Change Rally

I’m still going to create a version of this video that also includes footage of the crowd and is a bit more polished, but for the raw record of what went down last Sunday, here’s my speech to the “Canadians for Kyoto” climate change rally that took place in Nathan Phillips Square outside Toronto City Hall. Special thanks go to Garfield Lindsay Miller for the videography.

2 thoughts on “Video of Climate Change Rally

  1. Well done, sir! I understand your frustration with the media casting you under the those-darn-nasty-politicians umbrella. Unfortunately, that’s often the best they can do when they find themselves understaffed, beholden to advertisers, overworked, rushed, and constrained. If we paid $3 for a newspaper, we might see more wisdom on the page.

  2. Oh yeah, totally. Again, not blaming the reporter for looking for a hook and finding one. Just commenting on the unfortunate reality of it all…

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