Kyoto Rallies Across Canada This Sunday (And I’m Speaking)

Details below. It’s important that we get a good turn out to these events, as the only way to actually cause governments to act is to demonstrate a strong public will for action.

I’ll be speaking at the Toronto event representing the Green Party of Canada. Liberal and NDP representatives will also be there. The Conservative Party declined the invitation, presumably because they’re allergic to booing.

THIS SUNDAY, 2007 March 11, across Canada:

Halifax Race for Kyoto
Victoria Square at 1 pm

Toronto Rally for Kyoto
Nathan Phillips Square at 12 noon

London Rally for Kyoto
Victoria Park at 12 noon

Calgary Rally for Kyoto
Harry Hays Building (outdoors) at 12 noon
4th Ave and 1st St S.E.

Edmonton Climate Change Rally
Sir Winston Churchill Square at 12 noon

Lethbridge Rally for Kyoto
Galt Gardens Park at 12 noon

NOTE: Daylight Savings Time starts that day.
At 2 am Sunday morning, the time changes to 3 am.
If you forget this, you’ll arrive at the rally an hour late!

We’re asking everyone concerned about climate change to please come out this Sunday and rally for Kyoto. Bring your family, friends, children and pets. This will be a fun afternoon with speakers, musicians, comedians and other performers, but we need large numbers of people to demonstrate the breadth and strength of commitment in Canada to combatting global warming. We cannot afford to look feeble.

The Toronto rally will be hosted by Lisa Merchant of Train 48. Speakers at the rally include John Bennett, Executive Director, Climate Action Network; Keith Stewart, Climate Change Campaign Manager WWF Canada; Jose Etcheverry, Research and Policy Analyst, Climate Change Program, David Suzuki Foundation; Cameron Stiff, Founding Member, Canadian Youth Climate Coalition; Olivia Chow, NDP MP; Maria Minna, Liberal MP; and Chris Tindal, Green Party nominated candidate. Juno award winners Richard Underhill, Madagascar Slim, Matt Barber, and a very special platinum selling musical guest will be among the musical entertainers. Comediennes for Kyoto will include Deborah Kimmet, Elvira Kurt and Dawn Whitwell.

Canadians for Kyoto is a newly formed non-partisan coalition of Canadians dedicated to combatting climate change. We are supporting rallies in cities throughout Canada on this Sunday, March 11. Learn more about us — and what’s happening in all the cities — here:


Global warming is threatening to have catastrophic consequences unless emissions go down worldwide. The Kyoto accord, the only international climate change treaty we have, was supposed to be an easy first step to reducing emissions. Instead, through years of inaction, we’ve allowed Canada’s emissions to rise to levels that make meeting our Kyoto requirements an enormous challenge. Canada, once a world environmental leader, is now an environmental pariah, partly because our emissions are among the highest in the world and partly because our government has stated that not only will we not meet our Kyoto requirements but that we will instead do so little that our emissions will rise at an increasing rate. In 2008, Canada will have an opportunity to legally withdraw from its Kyoto obligations. We cannot allow our government to believe this is acceptable. Let’s send a strong message to Ottawa that Canadians demand a recommitment to our Kyoto obligations and immediate and meaningful measures to dramatically curb our emissions.

Please download these posters and put them up at your work, school, local shops and community centres:


Please forward this email widely.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the rally this Sunday!

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