Bill Graham to Retire

The Toronto Star reports today what many have long suspected, that Bill Graham will not seek re-election in Toronto Centre. I spoke with Bill a few weeks ago and told him that I’ve been glad to have him as my MP for the past several years. He’s rightly respected, and will be missed.

The Star also reports that Stéphane Dion has said that there will be an open nomination race to select the next candidate. Let’s hope so. There are several local people who are interested, and Liberal members in Toronto Centre deserve to pick their own candidate. Whoever they choose, the next election will certainly be interesting.

One thought on “Bill Graham to Retire

  1. Bill made his announcement tonight confirming his retirement while fending of the dogs, Smitherman and Rae.

    They made their appearnce to accept Bob’s appointment but upon rejection quickly made their exit.

    I hope this nomination battle is kept fair and clean so that toronto centre will be able to continue having a strong voice that trule represents them.

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