You really shouldn’t pay attention to polls. They distract from real issues. They unduly influence elections. They contribute to strategic voting. They’re not good for your health.

Except, of course, when you’re doing really well in them. Then they’re kinda fun.

A new Environics poll out yesterday has the Green Party of Canada at 11% nationally. From the release:

The other noticeable trend is the continued growth in support for the Green Party (now at 11%, up 4 since Sept-October, and up 7 since June). Over the same period, support for the New Democratic Party has declined to 14 percent of Canadian voters (down 4 points since Sept-October, and down 7 points since June).

Presented for your information.

One thought on “11%

  1. Okay, I know debunking polls spoils the fun, but…
    This poll indicates that the Greens are doing very well (Hooray!), and that we are taking all the votes from the NDP (Not quite!). In the London North Centre by-election, stats (real ones) of past elections showed that we gained support relatively equally from all of the other parties. Yay for us.

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