For the Record…

Today I took the recycling out in a t-shirt and was pretty comfortable. According to Environment Canada, the temperature in Toronto is currently 13 degrees Celsius, dangerously close to breaking the 1984 record, and 12 degrees above the “normal maximum.”

I just thought someone should mention that. I couldn’t find any news reports about it except for this one, and most conversation regarding the weather around Toronto is about “how nice it is.” Reminds me a bit of the frog in the pot.

3 thoughts on “For the Record…

  1. The weather’s so nice it sort of lends itself to an outdoor screening of an Inconvenient Truth dontcha think? You should totally set that up. High Park – Movies in the Park (can’t find any evidence that this exists on the www but am sure it does since I’ve been contacted to sponsor Movies in the Park for next summer).

  2. Oh Christopher, must you fall into the trap of a priori environmental hypochondria.

    While I agree that science has shown us that global warming is very real, it doesn’t make it right to parade an unusually mild winter as an example in an attempt at sensationalism.

    Our party needs to keep above those kind of tactics that can so easily be rebutted as bullshit.

    Happy Non-Denominational Festivity BTW.



  3. One unseasonably warm winter isn’t an indication of a changing climate, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the symptom of one. Planet’s gettin’ warmer, and so is my city.

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