Toronto Centre Speculation

Those of you who follow this blog because you live in Toronto Centre or had something to do with my campaign there might find this story interesting. It speculates on who the Liberals will run in the next election (assuming Bill Graham won’t run again).

My favourite part is this comment posted to the story on

James O’Grady from Windsor, Canada writes: It won’t matter who runs for the Liberals in Toronto Centre, Chris Tindal of the Green Party will carry the day.

I’m sure the fact that James O’Grady just happens to be the name of my former campaign manager, who recently moved to Windsor, is pure coincidence.

(This comment about the Green Party is also interesting. Somebody get it to Martha!)

By the way, I will be seeking the nomination again in Toronto Centre for the Green Party, and I’m looking forward to the campaign. Hold January 24th 2007 if you want to be at the nomination meeting. Details here.

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