Back In London

Apologies for sporadic posts. Regular blogging is easiest in times of stability, and this is anything but.

I’m back in London at the moment (working on the campaign to elect Elizabeth May). Part of the non-blogging is from the sense that I need to spend every moment I can trying to get to as many London voters as possible. And, even though Google Analytics tells me that hundreds of you read this blog every week (thanks, by the way), it also tells me that you live all over North America and the world, which doesn’t help the London situation very much.

Last night at dinner with a good chunk of the campaign team, Elizabeth decided on a whim to call Raffi. Yes, the Raffi. Then, on an even more random whim, she passed the phone to me. There’s not really any point beyond that, I just wanted to let you all know that I talked to Raffi last night, and I’m pretty happy about it.

Tonight there was an all-candidates debate. Well, almost all candidates. The conservative candidate didn’t show because of a scheduling conflict. We’re all trying to brainstorm what could have been more important. Anyway, the uplifting news is that Elizabeth was the first candidate to get applause (no one applauded until a few minutes in), received the most applause over the course of the evening, and was the only candidate to receive applause for her closing statement. It was clear to everyone in the room that she won the debate, which is consistent with previous results.

Keep helping however you can. This one’s gonna be tight.

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