London Calling

This morning at 6:30am I met David Scrymgeour (Green Party of Canada Director of Organizing) and Elizabeth May outside of the home where she stays while in Toronto and hitched a ride to London. I’m writing this from the converted internet cafe that is the Elizabeth May Campaign Office. Somehow, all of the computers are still here from the internet cafe days, modified glowing cases and all. Volunteers are sitting at every screen calling voters using Skype.

Well, except for this screen. I’m selfishly bogarting it for blogging purposes. I’m feeling justified right now though, since I canvassed a whole poll by myself earlier today and (from what I can tell) hold today’s record for most lawn signs secured, including two lawns that already had NDP signs on them. (Remind me to be modest about something later to compensate for this paragraph.)

This is a real, live campaign out here. The office is buzzing with volunteers, there are stacks of signs (with Elizabeth’s name and photo), several different flyers/postcards have been printed, and clips of media coverage are pasted all over the walls.

That being said, they still need your help. If you can’t make it down here for a day or two, you can still donate or phone people from your house. It makes a big difference. We’ve got an uphill battle here, but Elizabeth has already been endorsed by a number of very high-profile community leaders, including an influential newspaper columnist who was at our morning briefing.

Ok, that’s a long enough break. Got to get back to work…

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