What’s He Gonna Do?

That’s the question everyone’s asking. And along with being quoted and linked in The Tyee, it’s also contributed to a spike in this blog’s visits over the past few days.

As you almost certainly know, I’m talking about Garth Turner, who is contemplating the opportunity to become Canada’s first Green MP after being kicked out of the Conservative caucus two days ago.

Garth has basically two options: join another party or remain independent. The fact that he says he’s “waiting for a new logo” leads me to believe that he may favour the former. If so, the NDP have said they don’t want him, which leaves the Greens or the Liberals. Of those two options, I think he’s leaning towards us. In his own words, “defecting to the Liberals would clearly be a big step for a guy with blue blood in his veins.” On the other hand, the Green Party has many former Conservatives, and we were the second choice of more Conservative voters in the last election (a full 36%) than of voters for any other party.

Therefore, my best guess is that he’ll either remain an independent or join the Greens. As for predicting anything more specific than that, I think the odds are split 50/50. What I can say is that he’s considering it seriously, and has been speaking with both Elizabeth May and the local Green Party association in Halton, where I grew up.

His decision will probably come down to what his constituents want. That’s where you can help. If you live in Halton, or know someone who does, please show up at one of Garth’s town hall meetings this weekend and let him know you think he should make history.

Saturday October 21st, 2006 at 2:30 PM
Tansley Woods Library (in Community Centre)
1996 Itabashi Way, Burlington

Sunday October 22nd, 2006 at 4:00 PM
Ella Foote Hall
6611 Panton Road, Kilbride

I realize now that as this post draws to a close I haven’t devoted any space to explaining why I think Garth should go Green. In short, it would do more to advance Canadian action on climate change than anything else that’s in his power. He’s said that “climate change is the greatest all-round threat this country faces,” and that the decision he now has to make is how he can best serve his constituents.

Greens are a diverse group already, so Garth would fit right in even when he was sticking out. And with a threat as big as the climate crisis, there’s no time to play partisan politics. I’ll work with anyone who’s willing and able to accomplish the goal.

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