Exciting Times

Yes, exciting times, on both the political and personal front.

Yesterday, Elizabeth May presented the Green Party’s Green Plan, aka GP2. It’s an excellent, detailed document that’s been getting a lot of attention. I encourage you to check it out (PDF).

Tomorrow, I’m moving. (Yes, still within in Toronto Centre.) So uh, if you don’t hear from me for a few days, that’s why.

It’s also why I can’t take any time to explain why our Green Plan Squared is so great. Instead, I’ll leave you with some highlights, as compiled by Erich Jacoby-Hawkins:

“The notion that any ‘new’ tax will be opposed, even if it is clear that the overall family tax burden will go down, is based on the idea that the Canadian public is not very bright. The Green Party believes the opposite.”

“The Green Party will not rely solely on tax-shifting. While getting the prices right is the single most significant step, regulations and consumer-friendly programmes will also be needed to shift Canadian society to a low-carbon future. ”

“The Green Party will introduce appliance standards to ban electricity guzzlers from the marketplace,”

“We will act to reduce emissions and prepare for the ‘new normal’ of a destabilized climate. These are not, as often presented, mutually exclusive goals. We need both and we needed them yesterday.”

“Canadians will not be tricked into thinking ‘cleaner air’ can be delivered while fossil fuel use continues unabated.”

“When it comes to our fresh water, the Green Party’s message is clear: Keep it. Conserve it. Protect it.”

“The professional union representing civil servants has also noted that the careerist ambitions of the new civil service culture do not serve the public interest as well as an esprit de corps and expertise within scientifically grounded departments.”

And finally, the number of times the phrase “no new law is required” appears.

I’ll post again as soon as I can. Oh, and if you know me, please call me and help me move this weekend.

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