Three Quick Things

This morning, The Toronto Star printed a column by Tom Axworthy with the headline “Stop bias against Green party.”

This afternoon, I gave a speech at the Friends of Durika Conference and AGM. I was asked to speak as a former Green Party candidate.

This evening, I attended a taping of CBC’s The Big Picture, which will be broadcast on CBC this Wednesday and again the following Sunday. The topic was global warming, and the two main guests were Bob Mills, the Conservative chair of the environment committee (woah…check out the colour scheme on his website), and Elizabeth May, who’s impressing me more each day. She did great.

Now, I sleep.

2 thoughts on “Three Quick Things

  1. That website of Bob Mills is interesting. There’s more green on his site than the Green Party’s webpage! He must be a big fan of the Green Party. Either that, or he’s using the color scheme just to show how green he must be…

    Enough about that – I’d rather write about something else: Elizabeth May is a very impressive person. She’s doing an amazing job and I see good things on the way with her as leader of the party!

  2. The show was brilliantly done, as usual, and the documentary was one of the best generalist hours on climate that I’ve seen. I have have some comments on the show at my municipal campaign blog, at
    Have a great one!
    PS: I second Cameron’s post above re: Elizabeth – she’s doing a great job; a highly articulate, knowledgeable, and visible leader. :)

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