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I just got this email from my brother. I knew the friend Alex mentions below. He was one of those genuinely nice and fun guys who no one could ever dislike. Anyway, I wanted to share it with you.

i’m participating in a fundraiser for breast cancer on october 1st where i will be running 5k, imagining that i’m stomping on cancer with each stride. you might already know that i lost a really amazing friend last month to cancer, and while it wasn’t breast cancer, a number of his friends are running together as a team called, ‘the palligators’ to support the canadian breast cancer foundation. it should also be noted that he is not the first person this group of friends has lost to cancer.the point of this run is to raise money to research treatment, early detection and prevention in addition to supporting communities and families affected by breast cancer. so, having said that, i need your help reaching my personal fundraising goal of $500, and my team’s fundraising goal of $3000. i’ve included a link in this e-mail which will take you to my donations page. you can do it online with your credit card and it’s super quick and easy. you even get a tax receipt for your charitable donation. plus, i’ll be eternally grateful.

Click here.

even if you can only donate $10, it will put me that much closer to my goal.

thanks in advance.


One thought on “Run for the Cure

  1. Hi Chris

    Just trying to find some articles on where the Greens stand on some issues and read your brothers letter on running for cancer.
    I understand that it does not neccessarily reflect the party’s position, so don’t take my comments personally.
    I feel sorry for the countless good-natured people all accross the country who are feeding with their hard earned money the very foundations, who know that long-known cures are suppressed and hidden from the public. I have watched people doing fundraising for cancer research by selling hot dogs on barbeques, rocketfuel for the very cancer they pretent to combat.
    I can’t proof this of course, but if one connect the dots, it can be assumed that indirectly the very money may be used to suppress the cures.
    If one looks at the alternative medicine over the last fifty years, extremely effective doctors have been destroyed by the industry and their servants in the foundations and government, because they actually cured people of the incurable. I have been told by a former MD that he used herbal remedies whenever he found them to be more effective and received warnings and threats from the medical society. If he wouldn’ stop using anything other than the chemical drugs he was trained to use, he would loose his licence. On his argument that they were more effective without side effects, he was told to obey or loose his career.

    Treatments and technologies known to cure are visciously attacked by the pharmaceutical mafia to protect the most profitable industry ever established.
    I have known people who underwent chemotherapy (true cure rate 3%) and died of the effects (not of cancer) and I know people diagnosed with cancer who turned away from the orthodox drug dealers and were completely cured.

    What we need is a voice for the truth. The truth is that meat production is with 18% of the greenhouse gases the second highest producer (more than all traffic pollution). The truth is that no illness is incurable. The truth is that most politicians are servants of the industry and follow the sinister plans of population reduction and global government.

    I can’t yet believe that the Greens are willing or in the mindset to tackle the real challenge. Or what do you think?


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