Congratulations Frank!

Frank de Jong, leader of the Green Party of Ontario, earned an impressive 6.2% of the vote in yesterday’s Parkdale-High Park by-election. The fact that this increase (up from 5.49 in the last federal election) happened in the face of such a tight “horse race” between the NDP and Liberal candidates makes it even more impressive.

It also happened in the face of some mildly amusing minor political interference. My friend Adriana and I were out “main-streeting” for Frank in the final week of the election when we almost got arrested (note: slight exaggeration is in effect) for, of all things, solicitation. (It’s a funny story, ask me about it some time. Turns out not all Toronto police understand that political candidates are allowed by law to, you know, campaign. Like we live in some sort of democracy or something.)

Congratulations to Frank and everyone on his team (even Adriana and I, the trouble makers).

I want to also congratulate Cheri DiNovo on her win. Cheri’s actually a friend of the family, and I wish her the best.

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