No Two-Time Losers Allowed

This is kinda funny. From now on, if you want to be a federal Conservative candidate, you only get two tries. Anyone who’s lost two elections will have to get special permission from the Conservative Party’s executive before running again (even if they’re the democratically nominated candidate).

Of course, upon hearing this, I immediately thought of my previous Conservative opponent Lewis Reford. “Poor Lewis,” I thought, “he’ll only get one more kick at the can.”

And yet, there are at least two reasons this might not actually matter to him. First, he would almost certainly be granted an exception, mostly because he’s running in a Liberal stronghold, and only slightly because his wife sits on the Conservative Party’s executive.

Secondly, Lewis, who had quit his job to focus on family, politics, and volunteering, just took a new job today.

Isn’t that interesting?

ps. Yes, I know, applying this rule to the Green Party would be hilarious. Har har har.
pps. No, I’m not actually suggesting that Susan McArthur would act in conflict, or that today’s announcement of Lewis’ new job is anything but coincidence. I’m just suggesting that coincidences are fun. And aren’t they?
ppps. Oh great. Now I’ve got MacArthur Park stuck in my head.

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