More than “positioning,” please

A new poll by Decima Research finds that 63% of Canadians believe the Conservative government is “doing a poor job on the environment.” (The poll was even taken before the government gutted environment programs last week.)

Pollster Bruce Anderson was quoted as saying that public opinion research suggests Canadians are becoming more focused on global environmental issues, and that “it’s important for [the Conservatives] to position themselves as progressive advocates of environmental solutions domestically and internationally if they want to broaden their support base.”

Bruce isn’t wrong. I might humbly add, however, that “it’s important for the Conservatives to become progressive advocates of environmental solutions — and implement those solutions — if all of us want to preserve our quality of life.”

But hey, I don’t want to get into an argument over semantics.

One thought on “More than “positioning,” please

  1. Wow.

    You’re quite intelligent, you know that?

    How about instead of me writing a book, you write a book and you can just dedicate it to me or something.

    Anyway, back to writing about why all toothpicks should have that mint flavour. You’re not the only one making a difference in this world, Mr. Tindal.

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